Why are attractive visuals more successful?

In our fast-paced world, we process visuals much faster than text, and make judgements (whether consciously or unconsciously) based on what we see. Imara Stock is a site that helps female entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives by either improving their photography through the Better Brand Photography course or by unique, authentic stock photos for free.

Behind the scenes, I got the opportunity to catch up with the creator of Imara Stock / StartWithJ – Joelle Brisland.

JoelleSo Joelle, whereabouts are you from? And tell us about Imara Stock…

I consider myself very lucky to call the most beautiful city in the world home – Cape Town, South Africa! I live with my husband, and fur-baby Mac.

I still work full-time in the corporate world, but I have a few things going on the side. Through Imara Stock, I provide free stock images for female entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives on a monthly basis. I have also just launched a free video mini-course for bloggers on how to improve their photography, called Better Brand Photography.

I started Imara Stock as a way to not only share my photography but to also help bloggers with a way to get beautiful stock images, without having to deal with complicated copyrights, and high fees. Each month there is a new pack of 10 images, and each month has a theme. The theme for a recent pack is ‘Floral Fancy’, I took the photos at the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

How did Imara Stock get started?

I launched Imara Stock in March 2016. In all honesty I was ready a couple months before that, but I was so scared of putting myself out there! I am so glad I did though, apart from getting to help a lot of people, it was also a confidence booster.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 6.18.06 PMI started growing my following on Instagram before I launched my site, so my initial subscribers came from those followers. I also shared my site in various Facebook groups, which helped build my subscriber list.

After a few months I sent a survey out to my subscribers, and through this saw that there was a desire for my subscribers to learn how to take their own blog and stock photos.

From this, I developed my free video mini-course – Better Brand Photography.  The Better Brand Photography course was launched on 1 August 2016 through my personal brand, StartsWithJ.

Why are you passionate about these projects?

Presentation, whether we like it or not, is very important. I want to help as many bloggers and entrepreneurs improve their online image through better visuals, whether that be through stock photos, or helping people improve their own photography.

My goals are to keep sending out image packs to my subscribers, but to also continually have more bloggers go through my course, so they have the knowledge to improve their own photography.

What inspires and motivates you to continue?

Getting positive feedback from my subscribers gets me excited and want to provide more.

If you would like to quickly improve the quality of your photographs, check out Better Brand Photography for free. http://courses.startswithj.com/

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