Who doesn’t want to be a Hero?

Who doesn’t want to be a Hero?

William Burgos and Juan Ramos are the main producers & developers behind the team of Aether Tower Studios.  They define themselves as citizen folks from Mexico City; one of the biggest cities in the world (about 20 million people).  They have just begun their Kickstarter campaign and we had a great time catching up with them about ‘Hero’.

What is your current project?

We are boardgame designers, currently trying to get our first idea of a boardgame (Hero) to be produced in a large scale.

Why boardgames?

Juan: It goes back to my childhood.

I always was a kid interested in boardgames.

I started to create something of myself by changing the original rules of the most popular games (like, for example, new rules to make Monopoly® more enjoyable). This led me to new ideas to challenge the mind of the players involved, modifying the strategy needed, based on the original rules. In a blink of an eye, I was making my own games based on normal decks of 52 cards, or with collectible (non-playable) cards and dice.

About a year and a half ago, with the support of William, we started to produced what is now a fully playable and very enjoyable game; our first creation “Hero”.

William: I have always been very passionate about two things: music and dragons. Dragons made me play some boardgames and acquire the enjoyment of playing new games. While music lead my life to my last job: Audio Post Production chief engineer and Music chief composer in a studio that made Music and audio for TV. After 3 years there, I learned a lot from my former employer and on December of last year I took the leap to dedicate full time to this project with all the creativity tips and attitude that I took from my former boss. I am giving my 200% on this new project!

What is the difference between boardgames and what you created?

The boardgaming community is really board (pun intended) and there are thousands of games out there. The community is currently growing and players discover this addiction to play different games, the purpose of forming a Game Developer group is to satisfy that necessity that we ourselves have and to be able to do that for the rest of our lives.

With the project of our game Hero, the purpose is different though, we decided to get the ‘know how’ of game developing and start with a really cool, fun and hilarious game. Once it was created, we enjoy sharing the experience and watching new players get tons of laugh with the combinations of the heroes, sometimes ridiculous, other times more epic.

How did Hero start?

It’s been about 18 months, since we got our first idea. It started as a game named “Dragon vs. Knights” in which there were two sides (either dragons, or knights). It is now a cooperative game where characters try to prepare one Hero to stop a dragon from destroying your kingdom.

What makes you so eager about Hero?

Hero Gameplay ExampleWe loved the idea of a cooperative boardgame in which the whole table was searching for a common goal. And preparing a hero with transparent cards on top of it, is really the best idea we have had.  We wanted to make it real.

Say you have a dwarf as a hero, and you control the blacksmith character; well you can forge a neat weapon and give it to the dwarf to hold it! Physically, A dwarf will have your transparent weapon card on top of it, making it look like the barbed halfling is holding what you just smithed. The concept of transparent cards has brought lots of laughter!

Creating is unequivocally gratifying. We have big plans for this game because the possibilities for expanding are limitless. The game itself offers tons of expansions that we have already thought of but in a really optimistic scenario, we would love to acquire licenses so the game could add Disney characters or items, for example, or weapons from the Marvel universe. All to create unique combinations of different worlds! If this project reaches out successfully you could actually see the dwarf with a laser sword and Simba as his animal companion.

What are your goals?

For our games to be loved and enjoyed by all the gamers out there and integrate them to the creative process. We know that there are many people that have a full time job and a big love for their hobbies, so we want to be able to be the bridge that takes their love to hobbies one step further.

We really want to involve people in the creative process but first we need to dominate the whole process of producing a game, from start to finish. We also have a list of ideas named “Out of the Box” where we have drafted some ideas that stand out from conventional games, some examples are game ideas that uses magnets, 3D boards or require the players to use colored lenses, etc.

So you guys have started your Crowdfunding campaign, would you like to tell us a bit about that?

There are some cool rewards on our campaign, like having a character created on your likeness and make its abilities reflect your personality or another where you can give your name to one of the already existing characters. You can also submit a background story in the following Google Doc link and the best one will be taken giving credit to the author: Hero Google Doc

Hero needs the community support to reach some stretch goals and get to be exactly how we pictured it, with tokens and game components, resistant transparent cards, cardboard components, more cards, etc. We believe in the future of this decision so much that we even slept less hours to keep our day jobs and dedicate time on this, but when that wasn’t enough, we decided to take the leap and quit our jobs. Should we fail or find success, we will keep trying and we are glad with what we are doing.

If we reach our funding goal, a large-scale production will begin, and if we reach Stretch Goals, the game will be A LOT BETTER! We have been planning how to make things better and more exciting, so this is it, and the Kickstarter is live now in the following link: http://kck.st/2956lYn

Of course we would love it, if you could all spread the word about Hero – that would be awesome!  That’s because Kickstarter campaigns are all about reaching out. With 7 billion of people in the world, there are tons of people out there that will love a project and care to back it.

Sharing anywhere is the best way to support us.

To support William and Juan on their ‘Hero’ campaign or to follow them to see how they’re going on their quest:

Campaign: http://kck.st/2956lYn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aethertower

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AetherTower


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