What is the difference between success…and happiness? MYnd Map MY Journal

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Rosemary Ikpeme’s MYnd Map MY Journal is a must-have 90-day creative roadmap for those who are looking to lead a productive and successful life.  The journal was launched on Kickstarter in early April 2017.

Rosemary Ikpeme is an entrepreneur determined to motivate individuals to do their best.  She found that outwardly, her life looked great. She had a good job, and she seemed to be doing well.  But in reality, her life was a mess.  It was overwhelming, out-of-control, and it left her feeling alone.

She felt as if she didn’t know how, or where to start.

She began by reading TONS of books, attending events, seminars, and retreats.  She listened to countless podcasts, watched Youtube videos. She followed and studied inspiring teachings of successful icons, athletes, and world-class performers.

She then analyzed what she’d learnt about their rituals, or techniques, and the science behind them.

She broke it down to two basic questions:

How did these people find their purpose?

How did they create a life they love?

From what she’d learn, she implemented these techniques into her daily routine and within weeks, her mind-set changed, and her thoughts were clear and focused.  She was setting bigger goals and breaking them down into actionable steps. She felt in control and more confident. She was happy, but most of all she was excited about her life.

She then applied these techniques in her journal MYnd Map.   “Every individual wants to know how to improve productivity and focus.” Rosemary explains that this is exactly what MYnd Map is all about, as it will help people change and readjust their mindsets which pose limitations and hold them back.

It is a daily routine that not only vastly improves your career, business, and financial goals, but also helps you to reconnect with yourself, your passion, goals, dreams, family and friends. Especially in the fast-paced life we lead.

MYnd Map, MY Journal focuses on *6 KEY THEMES* to help you highlight and reflect on the areas in your life that are important and often neglected. It’s a visual overview of your overall life satisfaction, and will enable you to take a step back and reflect on the different areas in your life. You’ll gain insights as to what areas you are feeling happy with, and discover who you’ll need to focus most on to help you find peace and balance.

The journal carries a number of extremely important techniques that can help people to stay focused. MYnd Map talks about the importance of Journaling, the 80/20 Rule, as well as all kinds of other tips and ideas on breaking through the feeling of being “helpless”, or “stuck” in life.

In the words of Rosemary, “The key to achieving your dreams and having a successful life, is to maintain harmony and balance.” As such, these are the core elements that the journal is focused around.

“Once this is sorted, the journey is less hard work – and far more fun”

Contact Information:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/myndmap

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MYndMapJournal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MYndMap

Website: Myndmap.co

For more information, check out Rosemary Ikpeme’s featured interview on Virgin Startup.

Here’s a review of the journal (Youtube clip) by NayaReadsandSmiles.

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