What are your online Social Media Marketing goals?

What are your online social media marketing goals?

We are constantly torn between shiny Social Media objects such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at least another eight or so more social media tools.  

We often make our online decisions based on others recommendations and that’s only because we don’t know that online tool. For instance this might sound familiar “Facebook worked so well for me, you should try it!”.

Whenever anyone, ESPECIALLY in a startup, a small-to-medium size business, Not-For-Profit or solo asks me to help out with their social media – I simply ask one question: What are your social media marketing goals?

If they do not have any goals, I encourage them to consider it before they start.  There is no way, that you should ever jump into a car and try and drive it without a licence, so why would you start a social media account without some goals?

What are MY social media marketing goals?

Everyone is different and every business is different – what works well on social media for the plumber down the road might not suit your flower business and vice versa.  So start with a blank slate and think to yourself, what are MY online goals?  

What does my online success look like to me?  

Make a list of goals and think about the results, in other words – how will I measure my online success?

Is it based on numbers?  I have x number of followers on each of my social media accounts.

Is it based on click-through rate? I have x number of people who clicked on my link to get to my blog or site.

Is it conversion numbers? I had x number of people click my link and x number of people signed up to my newsletter or bought my offer.

Or maybe it’s none of the above, maybe to you, your success is getting to meet like-minded people and having conversations with them?

Remember that your online goals will be different to everyone else’s. You don’t have to measure your success against another company because they’re not you.  

The Social Media Manager – is it you?

Great, so you have some goals?  Now if you need too then, let’s talk to people to make sure that everyone is onboard with the ideas. Let’s start with, if you’re paying a social media manager or looking for one, then most likely you have or will have this goals discussion with them.  If you haven’t had that discussion yet – then by all means start it!  They will need to know exactly what you’re expecting from them.

When you do get to chat with a social media manager – the goals will also help you with your social media question checklist.  

You might want to ask and/or decide on the following:

Where are your customers from (local, national, international)?  

What are your customers interested in or are wanting from you? Hints, tips, stories, photos?

Where do they ‘hangout’ online?  

Which are their favourite social media apps to use?

How many times a week do you want or need to blog, post, tweet?  

What are your online hours?  E.g This account is active Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

If you’re a one man band (and let’s face it – New Zealand is built on many awesome small to medium sized businesses) or a company with very stretched resources, getting clear about your online goals is going to be essential to guide you in your social media presence.

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