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How to break the Twitter barrier

Imagine you are a blogger.
You are a very clever person.
You carve your words, insight and thoughts regularly on your blog for the world to see.
Your biggest pain point is finding a way to share your content with a larger audience.
That’s where you can successfully break that barrier and use Twitter not only as an amazing audience reach tool, but as is your ultimate buzz builder.

It’s important to understand the fundamentals of what Twitter is. Twitter is a social media platform with a potential reach to millions for free every day.

Followers vs Reach – marketing to millions in one day

You might be thinking to yourself that that sounds great, but as a blogger that’s just starting or someone who doesn’t have many followers on Twitter how can I achieve that audience reach?

The key point is know what the difference is between followers and the amount of reach you have. It’s a trap when people think to get the ‘reach’ they need to have followers to get traction.

Followers are people that resonate with your unique message, they get what you’re saying and they want to share your content. You’re after the re-tweet because it adds social proof. Social proof is where your followers recommend your content to their followers, who do the same and so on. It’s the recommendation that says to other people, hey look at this awesome stuff!

Twitter 30/30 & the “Twitter Magic 123” system

The secret of a successful Twitter Magic 123 account is to follow first, follow back and follow up.

Follow first means that you have to initiate the first step. You have to follow an account first. The Global Twitter expert Keith Keller coined the phrase “Twitter 30/30”. He recommends that you follow 30 people a day or every few days. Which then means that you will be following about 900 people per month out of that number about four or five hundred will follow you back.

Follow up means to start a conversation with people. Help each other out, re-tweet, offer them a podcast or an idea that they can connect with and all in the idea of service. You can build up what Keith likes to call “Cyber-Karma”. It becomes a mutual respect for each other. It’s such a simple strategy to follow, yet has amazing results.

Keith Keller the Global Twitter King has a wealth of Twitter knowledge and Social Media that he shares through his blog at

Keith Keller is a “Twitter Marketing Specialist” and now has clients around the globe.

His Twitter Magic system (, video conferencing (Zoom), coaching online, podcasts and much more are hints, tips and guides that will enhance your online blogging presence. His latest project involves video conferencing and his next conferencing will be “SHOWCASE NZ 2016” (

He is also a popular speaker on the subject of Social Media (especially Twitter) and has appeared on numerous keith keller aussie bloggers podcastradio shows, teleseminars and webinars across the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia as well as Australia.

If your frustration to get the word out about your blog is leading you to seek out something new, then follow the Global Twitter expert Keith Keller (@keithkeller) for hints, tips and tricks to reach millions.


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