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I am Dorothy Berry-Lound, also known by my spirit name of ShannathShima.

I was born in Brighton in England, by the sea, but for many years have lived near Paciano in Umbria, Italy half way up a mountain. I live with my husband, Barnet Boy, several cats including Stevie Mouse (the book of her story is almost finished) and two rescue dogs, brothers who keep us on our toes.

For 30 years I was a research consultant and art was my hobby. In recent years I took early retirement from my job as a consultant to focus on my second career as an artist.

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How did you first get interested in art?

I had this wonderful art teacher at school, coloured hair, flowing clothes and totally inspiring! I loved her classes and carried on painting and drawing after I left school. It was also her classes introducing art history and the story of artists that I blame for starting my collection of books on the subject which have a book case all of their own!

As time went on the art became more important to me and I had an art studio built on the house. Art started to occupy all my evenings and weekends and the choice, in the end, to retire and focus on it was actually quite easy.

What sort of art do you specialise in?

I paint with acrylics and I also paint on glass. But predominantly my work is photomanipulation or digital art. By photomanipulation, I mean taking my own photographs and then developing them further on the computer. I try to create the feeling or mood of the photograph using colours and textures.

One area of specialism is healing art. By that I mean art that is created to impart a particular mood to support healing. This might be in the use of colour therapy within the work, by the subject matter or both. One of my healing art pieces hangs at a health facility in Australia.
Another area is working on images from local towns and villages in my part of Italy. The importance of that work, mapping how a place feels, was brought home to me last year when we had a series of severe earthquakes. Many towns and villages were destroyed though not in my immediate area. I had an exhibition of my local work in my adopted home town of Paciano last year and it was wonderful to see the reactions of local people to what I had done with the photographs.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to finish my Stevie Mouse book! Selling my work remains a goal, of course. I plan to continue to work on images from local Italian towns and villages, gradually travelling further afield. I have been thoroughly enjoying producing YouTube videos of my work, in some cases working with young musicians to showcase their music alongside my images and have a few more in the pipeline. I always say the only thing that stops you doing something is your imagination and I have plenty of that!

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