The Legend of Bluetooth

This is one of my most favourite tech stories!

Bluetooth signBluetooth is the name of the technology that creates a secure way of exchanging wireless data (normally over short distances) between or amongst several different devices.

Firstly, it has NOTHING to do with Blue teeth (believe me when I say, I have been asked this before!).

The word Bluetooth has it’s origins in the Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson’s Viking heritage.

When thinking about what to call this exchange of wireless data technology, most of the creators for Ericsson were Scandinavian. They recalled the legend of a Danish Viking King called Harald Blåtand. Now according to legend King Harald Blåtand had the most amazing (and uncanny) ability to bring people together without violence in negotiations. In fact, his words and communication was so great that he alone united Denmark and Norway as a single territory.

However, as the story goes, the English translation of the kings surname:  is (yes you guessed it) Blue-tooth.

The name stuck and Bluetooth’s symbol is a depiction of Blåtand’s initials inscribed in Runic symbols.

How cool is that?
What can you think of that uses Bluetooth technology?

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