TAPIT: Helping you find the right key

Do you long for the simple days of knowing that the key you were pressing on your phone was the right one?

Say hello to the revolutionary TAPIT – which is currently a Kickstarter campaign.  It is the first fully tactile keyboard on a Flip Cover Case.  It has 18 customizable keys and it also allows full eye-free phone control.  

So for those who need to ‘feel’ that button press, this unique keyboard will make you the envy of your tactile friends.


Most people rely on flat touchscreen smartphones. In fact there aren’t too many smartphones these days that have physical buttons (we’re not counting volume, mute or home).  So this means that we spend a lot of time staring at our phones and for some we spend extra time waiting for the phone to act upon our every touch (especially if we don’t always hit the right place!).  

A simple action requires our most precise hand-eye coordination and if you’re not that coordinated, have just upgraded to a smartphone or for those who have difficulty with touching the exact place on the phone – then TAPIT is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Tapit brings the ease of physical buttons to the touchscreen! Allowing you to Call, Text, or Launch Apps using REAL BUTTONS without adding extra weight or dangling parts.

In fact – Tapit protects your phone as you use it.  How? Tapit has magnet locks to hold the door into place. So even if it falls your phone’s touchscreen is still protected, unlike other flip cover cases.

How does TAPIT work?

Think of a phone case, but much smarter!  Tapit adds a layer of buttons to the cover case door.  These buttons guide your guide your fingers, allowing you to locate where to click without prior looking at the screen.

Beneath the cover, TAPIT has an app bundled with it to allow you to customize the keys or act as a telephone and the launcher app is enabled to allow easily development for those who are wanting to extend their apps.

The Tapit launcher app handles everything: From drawing the graphics under the buttons to monitoring the cover case door. So, whenever you open the case, the launcher hides the Tapit app.  This allows you to easily access the standard phone interface!

TAPIT ergonomics

Tapit has a round and slick design. It does display some colour on your phone (depending on which colour you choose) while making it comfortable to handle.

Case Door – Tapit’s case door has magnetic locks on both sides of the case. This allows the door to cling either open or close and it allows ease of use for the phone’s touchscreen.

Tapit’s buttons provide your phone’s front panel (touchscreen) complete shock protection. Since you can call, text or run any Tapit enabled app with case closed, if the phone falls it is always fully protected.

Tapit buttons protect your phone from an accidental pocket press. The flexible buttons require direct pressure by a finger or finger like object (stylus pen). So, the usual purse/pocket dwellers (door keys, coins, …) are unlikely to trigger a keypress on one of the buttons. Not without human intervention.

TAPIT kickstarter in different coloursWill it fit your phone?

Tapit is designed for a broad range of devices. But to start with, they concentrated their resources on the top Android phones to date: Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, and S7 Edge. They do plan on supporting more phone models and even other operating systems in the future.

The range of colours that TAPIT is available in are Black, White, Tapit Blue, Apple Green, Fresh Purple, or Deep Orange.

How can I get one?

TAPIT is a Kickstarter project right now and you can find it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tapit/tapit-customizable-tactile-keypad-case

But if you would like to also follow their adventures and see how they’re going, they’re also available on Facebook or Twitter.

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