Laying the Foundations for Twitter Success #TwitterTips4Tourism

From the Podcast with Keith Keller & Tracey Gayner The 3 Key Steps You Need To Know Before You Begin 1. Your Website (The is “Home Base”)  2. Your Blog (A Place To Tell Your Story) 3. Your Free “Teaser” (Builds Trust & Momentum) There’s no point in tweeting and getting lots of followers if you’ve got nothing to say and nothing to send people too. Let’s take a look at the importance of a website. Here are a few […]

What are your online Social Media Marketing goals?

What are your online social media marketing goals? We are constantly torn between shiny Social Media objects such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at least another eight or so more social media tools.   We often make our online decisions based on others recommendations and that’s only because we don’t know that online tool. For instance this might sound familiar “Facebook worked so well for me, you should try it!”. Whenever anyone, ESPECIALLY in a startup, a small-to-medium size […]