Evernote: A more powerful way to simplify your digital organisation

From a podcast by Keith Keller and Tracey Gayner: Managing your information (Evernote) You have a great idea that you need to write down or maybe it’s a phone number or an address – where do you store it?  Where can you just offload everything out of your brain and store it all in a place safe? The answer is Evernote – from that great idea, to a phone number and even that novel that you’ve been meaning to write. […]

Can you organise me? … Digitally?

Are you a super organised person?    Do you love the thought of writing things down everywhere …notebooks, phone memo pad, word documents, and emails?  Do you need to streamline your organising into something a little bit more digitally portable and managable?  I think I have a simple answer for your questions… Evernote. Evernote’s icon is the elephant and as we all know… elephants never forget!    That’s exactly the same as Evernote, it will never forget, lose or delete […]