TeacherSpace – an online space for NZ Secondary Teachers to connect, share and collaborate

George Arthur-Amohau is the creator of TeacherSpace (teacherspace.co.nz).  He is a passionate teacher, who in his ‘spare’ time developed this project. He hopes that TeacherSpace will not only promote better connectedness and sharing between teachers, but also foster collaboration and support. During the school holidays, we had the opportunity to talk with George about himself, his background and his hopes and dreams for TeacherSpace. Where do you come from? I tell people I’m from Dunedin. That’s not entirely true, but that’s […]

Music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times

Bronwyn Halley is a contemporary country singer/songwriter from Dunedin, New Zealand. She believes that music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times. How did you start your musical career? I started learning music when i was 4. I learnt theory and I learnt the recorder for a couple of years. From there I moved on to the trumpet for a year, then flute for 3 years, before I eventually wanted to start singing at about […]

Spread the word, science education is the future!

Sterling Cathman, aka Mr Science is originally from St Paul, Minnesota, USA. But he’s been in New Zealand for over 20 years with an absolute passion for Science & innovation in education. Sterling is a specialist primary science teacher, who has been working with kids and teachers for the past 8 years in schools around the Top of the South Island. He teaches science to all age groups from New Entrants to yr. 6 ((5 -12 year olds). His current […]