Twitter is a Global Village – Twitter Tips for Tourism

Twitter is a Global Village – Twitter Tips for Tourism. From an interview with Keith Keller and Tracey Gayner Today we’re talking about Twitter being the global village. Now, this is a very, very important concept. Twitter is awesome, it’s really awesome. 310 million people worldwide. Twitter is the global village and I’m going to talk about the top ten countries using Twitter, where they are, the numbers, and whether or not that cross references with the people coming to […]

Simon Says… Kia ora Tracey!

Kia ora & welcome to the Monkey 101 Blog, also known as “Simon Says”. My name is Tracey and I’m from South Auckland, New Zealand. I am passionate about technology, community (not-for-profit) and education/learning opportunities. I normally write about Tech that grabs my attention – makes me want to purchase it, or something that’s really cool to me lol. I also blog about tech that I’m helping with or awesome ideas. I’m really excited to be Simon’s (the Monkey) right-hand blogger. […]