Do you know what your children access online? Boomerang Parental Control App

When it comes to the Internet, nothing is as scary as wondering what a child is accessing or doing online. Being a parent in the tech age is no mean feat.  There’s emails to tackle, texts to organise and social media, like Facebook to try and keep up with.  If that wasn’t enough, there’s the looming responsibility of your child’s devices.  What are they accessing?  Are they being safe?  Who are they talking to online or texting? These were also […]

Little Peanut on the Go – Mobile App for Parents & Caregivers

My name is Karla Lemmon and I’m the founder of Little Peanut on the Go, a mobile app for parents.   I’m from a small town in the state of Minnesota, and now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. In my former career, I was a product marketing manager, managing a web-based communications product.  I left a little over a year ago to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.   My husband and I used to travel often for both work […]

TAPIT: Helping you find the right key

Do you long for the simple days of knowing that the key you were pressing on your phone was the right one? Say hello to the revolutionary TAPIT – which is currently a Kickstarter campaign.  It is the first fully tactile keyboard on a Flip Cover Case.  It has 18 customizable keys and it also allows full eye-free phone control.   So for those who need to ‘feel’ that button press, this unique keyboard will make you the envy of […]