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Rachel RobertsHiccup Fine Food is the food and drink delight Twitter handle of Rachel Roberts.  

Rachel is based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Her passion is encouraging food lovers to try new tastes and eat with the season. She’s into fine food, getting people back into kitchen to experiment and meeting new people.  

She currently has 2 cooking courses in Auckland.  One is based in Howick and the other is based in South Auckland. 

Here is one of her latest creations and a favourite non cook slice recipe for you to try.  

Raspbery Slice (non-cook)

Made with Fresh As freeze dried raspberries and iced with Whittakers White Chocolate ganache

Ingredients for base

1. 250g Superwine biscuits

2. 1 1/2 C Fresh As freeze dried raspberries

3.1C desiccated coconut

4. 1C almond slivers

5. 75g butter

6. 395g condensed milk

7. 4 Tbps (approx) of raspberry jam


 1. Line a swiss roll tin with baking paper.

2. Place the biscuits inside a large ziplock bag, seal. Crush rhe biscuits using a rolling pin.

3. Place crushed biscuits in a large bowl with raspberries, coconut and almond slivers.

3. Mix dry ingredients together, leaving a well to pour wet ingredients into.

4. Melt the butter and add with condensed milk to the dry ingredients.

5. Stir all ingredients together using a knife.

6.Empty bowl into lined swiss roll tin, spread by pressing with finger tips. When you have it evenly spread, dampen your hands with hot water. Uing the palm of your hands smooth out the surface by pressing it.

7. Spread raspberry jam in a very thin layer across the base thqt you have just made.

8. Place in the fridge while you make the icing

Icing ingredients

1. 250 g block of Whittakers White Chocolate

2. 1/2 C of cream

 Method for Ganache

1. Chop up chocolate into quite small pieces. Place in a small bowl.

2. In a small saucepan, heat cream. Bring it to boil while stirring.

3. Pour over chocolate and stir to combine.

4. Pour the ganache over the base and spread with a heated knife. 

5. Refrigerate for an hour before slicing and serving. 

* As an alternative you may like to try 1 cup of defrosted frozen raspberries

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