Music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times

Bronwyn Halley is a contemporary country singer/songwriter from Dunedin, New Zealand. She believes that music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times.

Bronwyn 2015 - 1 (1)How did you start your musical career?

I started learning music when i was 4. I learnt theory and I learnt the recorder for a couple of years. From there I moved on to the trumpet for a year, then flute for 3 years, before I eventually wanted to start singing at about 11 years old and I never looked back.

I wrote lyrics and melodies for a while but knew I needed to put them to some music so I picked up guitar a couple of years later. After high school I took a bit of time out before I went to Auckland and studied at MAINZ (the music and audio institute of NZ). Since completing my studies there I moved back home (to Dunedin) and successfully managed to crowdfund a large chunk of my debut EP “It’s About Time”.

What is it about music that draws you in?

Music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times. I know it’s done that for me and i hope my music can one day do the same for others. People sometimes think music is just a fun thing, but for some people it can be so much more than just a bit of casual entertainment. I want to make a career out of doing what i love!

I have been involved with music pretty much all my life! But on a more semi serious note for the last couple of years I’ve been really concentrating on my music. I’ve been really just getting out there and promoting my music.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

First and foremost my love (and addiction) is for music.

It’s all about meeting people at gigs and on social media who like to talk about music and who love listening to my songs.  I’m also releasing a video of a song a day on youtube for as long as possible. Just a casual video of me playing guitar and singing an original or a cover.

By the end of the year I’m really hoping to go on tour around New Zealand, doing as many gigs as possible, promoting my debut EP and getting word out there about my music.  At the same time, I’m also focusing on going around as many country music clubs as possible.

What are your musical goals?

Ultimately I would love to be able to live off my music. To tour all around the world – singing and getting the chance to travel and explore as well.  Then to release more EPs and albums and to spread country music in New Zealand more.

I just love music. I love listening to it. I love singing. I love writing it.

Hearing that someone loves my song and it means alot to them or has helped them through a certain time in their life is just the most amazing feeling.

All my links are on my website

If you head to my soundcloud you can listen to and download my EP for free.

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