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Life’s too short to drink warm ones

open canYou’re at a party, you’re sipping away and the one thing that you’ve noticed is that the once cool beverage that you’re holding onto is becoming warmer and warmer… until… you realise that you just have to down it – rather then waste it!  

Life’s too short to drink warm ones and so with two beer lovers, who also just happen to love Science –  what better pairing could there be to ending your ‘warm’ woes?

The BoozePad is an amazing technology cooler for your warm drinks.  Don’t be fooled, I’ve been told that it can still keep cool any beverage – but that most of the time we would finish a soft drink in much less time than we would for a beer.

But I think that we’ll leave it to the experts to share with us their insights into this unique coaster.

Hi guys, could you please tell us a little about yourselves?

Hi, we are Viktor Kurucz and Zsombor Kaló, two beer lovers from Hungary, the heart of Europe. Viktor is an entrepreneur dedicated to do things differently or simply do different things than others and Zsombor is an IT developer. We both have a strong educational background in science.

How did you get inspired to create this?

We have been friends for many years now and on a Friday evening (while having our beers) one of us complained how much the beer warms up while we drink it.

“Is it somehow possible to change the rules of thermodynamics? At least for the beer temperature?”

Of course it isn’t, but within seconds we knew we would have a solution to keep our beers cool while we drink them.

Our logic was just this simple:

If we cannot change the rules of thermodynamics, we will use them!

That’s some pretty heavy logic there, but I can see that it makes sense!  So then what happened?

Well before actually realising how many others drink constantly (and consistently) warming beers all over the world, we already had a passionate idea: creating the BoozePad, the World’s first coaster that keeps our beer cool while we drink it. Many friends and about 100 unbiased acquaintances we asked for feedback told us that they would definitely use it.

What were the next steps in your project?

First we realized how difficult and expensive it would be to manufacture only two BoozePads for the two of us, but this was also the time to realize that not thousands, but millions face the same troubles of thermodynamics. This was the day when we started to talk about mass production. Viktor started to see himself once again as someone who does something very different than others do.

Could you perhaps explain what it is about the thermodynamical design that helps the coaster?

Prototype of the BoozePad. Your name can also be printed on here.

We have finalized the thermodynamical design:

The thermal storage mixture not only holds low temperature for a significant time, but is also responsible to absorb heat at optimal level per minute.

Its top metal layer – with high thermal conductivity parameter – stays cold and contacts with the beer can.

The plastic shell does not allow the table to warm up the mixture, thus wasting coolness.

We have invested countless hours to test conductive materials and the mixtures of them to see how they react to the constantly warming beer. Meanwhile we met a great product designer who gave the BoozePad the shape that is, as thermodynamically and as ergonomically perfect.

Now we have a great prototype that works just as we imagined on that Friday evening.

The design is above our imaginations.

You’re just about to launch a crowdfunding campaign aren’t you?

Yes – we are proud to announce that our campaign starts 21st June 2016 here

You see although the first reactions were very positive, we decided to validate our idea on a crowdfunding platform. Once the idea of creating the BoozePad is validated, we are ready to bring it to life. We have already found local partners for tooling and mass production.

We know we’re not the only ones who love beer. We are also certain that many others around the world share our motto: Life’s too short to drink warm ones.

For more information on the BoozePad or to follow their campaign, Viktor Kurucz and Zsombor Kaló can be contacted here: 

Indiegogo campaign:






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