Laying the Foundations for Twitter Success #TwitterTips4Tourism

From the Podcast with Keith Keller & Tracey Gayner

The 3 Key Steps You Need To Know Before You Begin

1. Your Website (The is “Home Base”) 
2. Your Blog (A Place To Tell Your Story)
3. Your Free “Teaser” (Builds Trust & Momentum)

Twitter Tips 4 TourismThere’s no point in tweeting and getting lots of followers if you’ve got nothing to say and nothing to send people too.

Let’s take a look at the importance of a website. Here are a few things to consider: How you can get some really great traction with a blog, and how you can also really start leveraging the idea of what’s called, a lead magnet, a free offer.   This is a way of getting people on a list so that you can email them later.

Importance of a website

You will need to invest some time, and possibly some money into a lovely website.

If you don’t have a robust website that looks lovely, then compare it to a well known website. If you do have a great website, that’s great. There is a massive difference in perception from the outside.

The idea of a home-base is that you want to set the scene in a place that you own. Not Facebook, or Google+, not some dinky little site that you built in a week. A robust website that lives in the internet, that’s separate, and yours.  Some examples are, and You need something to be able to say – that’s my house on the internet and that’s where all of my content lives.

The best part about it is that it’s mine – I own it and I can control it, I can fix it and I can change it. The most important thing to remember that if build your house on rented land, then you’re investing all of your time, all of your effort into your place, that can ultimately be taken away.  

It has happened where people have built their websites on an entirely free platform and their websites get closed down all the time for very, very bizarre reasons. We’ve seen in Facebook groups where somebody had a 10-15,000 people following their Facebook page, it got closed without any notice. It took them at least 48 hours or more to go through the process with Facebook to get it put back up again. Again, it’s at Facebook’s discretion, whereas if you build your own house (website), you’re able to do whatever you like.

So, a home-base is a chance to build a robust template, a pamphlet if you like, a really lovely show piece for what you do.

What is a blog?

Typically a home-base, a website, is something that’s quite static. It might cost you a bit of money and take you a bit of time to build it, but it doesn’t change very much over time. You might have your contact details and your phone number and ‘what we do and the prices we charge, and some of our success stories’.  However, because of that, Google might not necessarily index you very well because you’re not very active.

But if you blog, remember the whole world revolves around being found.

The whole world of internet marketing revolves around being found by people that don’t yet know you. If you start blogging and saying, ‘Hey, we just had this really cool visitor’. ‘Hey, we just did this really cool snorkelling trip and we saw these really amazing fish’. ‘Hey, we just had this most amazing celebrity at our restaurant last night, it was so cool’, or ‘Here’s an event we have coming up, you might want to come’. ‘There’s a festival coming on in our town next week and we got a few booking’s left, and if you hurry, we might be able to get you into the concert’.

So, suddenly you’re telling people, ‘there’s a reason to come to our town, there’s a reason to come to our restaurant, there’s a reason to come to our fishing village or our fishing trip.  You have all these cool stories that suddenly make you a little bit different from the other blogs and websites.

In a world where we’re competing globally, I have a choice of going to Japan, to Mexico, to New Zealand, to Canada, to Vanuatu. These destinations are all simply choices for me in my house in Melbourne, Australia. What you want to do as a tourism operator is, you want to say, ‘Okay, you could go to Barbados but what about coming to Vanuatu? I think you’d enjoy it more, and here’s why’. A blog is just a way of telling a story.

A blog is this dynamic thing that you can adjust a couple of times a day if you’ve got the time. You can certainly do it every day, and we recommend you do it once a week, so that Google sees it and it’s an important part of getting your blog found.

Google is constantly scouring the internet trying to find things. Twitter now able to be indexed, which means your Tweets can be found by Google.

Laying the Foundations

First thing’s first, have a home-base, a website.

Next, you’ve got to have a blog. I have a blog, and I’m very proud of what I do. This is my particular philosophy on blogging. I’m not a very good writer, so I actually ask people to guest blog on my site.

So, about three days a week, I find these really cool articles, which is under the guest blog tab on my website, and I have three or four articles coming out each week. You can see that that’s where I feature other people who write about the things that we talk about. Social media, big data, growth hacking, content marketing, video marketing, all these sorts of things.

Then once a week, I’d do a blog about Twitter, ‘cause I don’t want to talk about myself every day, that’s not polite. I want to blog once a week about Twitter.

When you do that, then you are building a website, building a profile, building a presence and creating content for your site.

The Lead Magnet

This idea of a free teaser, a free offer, what we’ve often called a ‘Lead Magnet’.

It’s something that catches people’s eyes. It could be The top three tips on how to Tweet, from Keith Keller, and all of a sudden I’ll be like, ‘I need those Tweets, I need to find out what those top tips are.’ So, it’s engaging, it’s getting them to say, ‘hey look, these are things that you really need to ensure that your tourism, your B&B, anything that you’re doing, it can rise above all the other noise. So, you’re freebie is actually the the hook.

But without the freebie, what else are they going to go?

What is it about you that suddenly they go, ‘Hey, I want to listen to Keith because I know he’s a global twitter marketing expert, he can crack the Twitter code, how do I do it?’. Then you go straight for the freebie because you know what he’s going to say is going to help you.

We call this, ‘A Call To Action’. So when someone comes to my website and they go, ‘is this Keith Keller guy any good?’ Well, okay, there’s a free ebook, just have a look. Just download the ebook, have a look at it and if you like me than you ring me, or I’ll ring you. But, you don’t know that I know what I know, and sometimes you have to prove it.

So, here’s another example, say here’s lovely website, three nights. Book three nights get one free that could be a hook. Or, ‘You got seven things to do’ on your trip to New Caledonia. Or, here’s a free map of all the tourist attractions in Paris. If you got a B&B in Paris or in New Caledonia.

So, you know, you’re saying, ok, we know you want to come here, and we’d love you to stay with us. Here’s a gesture that gives you a chance to say, ‘Look, I want to try this restaurant. I’ll get a free entry or maybe the dessert’s free if I book a table of four’, say. Or, ‘Here’s a really lovely B&B’, and they give this free cookie map of all the sites. ‘I want to download that’.  Because, what I personally love about travel is, I love to prepare. I want to maximise my time.  So I’m the type that means that I want to be reading a map on the train, I want to sit in a cafe and go, ‘Oh, let’s go here tomorrow’. So, these sorts of thing can be made into a lead magnet or a free teaser. You’re just telling people the seven funky things to see while they’re there. You’re not giving away anything really, for free.

If you have an ebook make sure that what you have is relevant and always kept up-to-date. That’s one thing that annoys everyone, is if it’s not up-to-date and it’s not relevant to them or it’s not going to solve any pain point, it just becomes a pain. It’s not worth anything. Why would I want to join in?  Otherwise it’ll end up leaving a sour taste in your mouth.  You think, ‘this guy doesn’t even know what he’s talking about’.

So the key is – have a good website. Don’t lie living in rented land. Have your own house, your own place.

Start blogging more, maybe on a website like maybe WordPress or Tumblr.  Have a website, a blog, and think about the idea of free teaser. Something that people can get a sense of what you do without giving away the farm.

So if you’re in Tourism, say New Zealand, or Canada, or Vanuatu, or Barbados, you want people to come to your site and stay at your B&B or come to your restaurant, eat your food and take your snorkelling trip –  definitely get those key ingredients together before you get started on Twitter.

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