How to stop your iPad screen from moving around

Picture this – you are watching your Netflix and you reach over for your drink and tilt the device… it then recognises that you’ve moved and tries it’s best to help (infuriate) you by adjusting from an upright view to a side view. Then as you right yourself again it rotates and by the time you’ve noticed you’re furiously trying to adjust the display turning it too quickly from one view to the other.

How do you get it just STOP and stay in one place?

macbook-605438The answer is Rotation lock.

The quickest way to access the rotation lock for an Android is the notification drawer.
To access the Android draw, place your finger on the top bar (where the the time / wifi display is located) and a second bar should appear. Do not lift your finger, instead slide your finger down to open the drawer (usually all the way to the bottom). To close the drawer, you can either slide the drawer up from the bottom or quick tap to the dot in the middle of the bottom bar should send it back.

The quickest way to access the rotation lock for an iPhone or iPad is the control center.

To access the control, place your finger on the bezel (right at the bottom of your Apple device) and slide your finger upwards. Do not lift your finger.
To close the control center, you can either slide the control centre down or quick tap anywhere on or in the greyed area above it and that should send it back.

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