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Now Kylie Power & Emma Bettle aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill, cheerleaders for education and teachers. They saw that teachers needed a place where beautiful, relevant resources (not too mention) cutting edge ideas have been bundled together to help hack educational sanity by a marvellous invention called School Kit!

This kind of power doesn’t go unnoticed and so we gingerly tossed them a couple of questions and stepped back out of the way to let these two loose on today’s blogpost.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Kylie Power

After receiving the class prize in Standard 2, ahead of T.R. Hancock, Kylie set her sights high and despite going on to receive the chapel choir medal (rumoured to be for attendance) a career in musical theatre was not to be. An adolescence in Wanganui, with only her Yamaha Mint for transport, served her well and she went on to a fine career in retail, teaching and child health. Kylie has taught in a range of different special character and state schools as well as in independent settings. Her passion is student assessment and she was an original champion of both AsTTle and Mac Education in early days.

Kylie is married to the much taller Nick and has two real children and 43 “pseudo teenage sons” – students in the school boarding house they manage together as a family.

Emma Bettle

Aside from being the Rongotea 25m freestyle champion (U12) Emma never received a prize for anything but instead developed an obsession for lists and star charts.

Despite an unusual level of dedication to jazz dancing not commonly seen in her hometown of Palmerston North, her dreams of attending ‘Fame School’ in New York never eventuated (rumoured to be due to a serious lack of rhythm). In the end the list obsession proved far more useful and she went on to a fine career in teaching and project management. Emma taught boys.

In 2006 she took a divorced man with two children home to meet her parents and is now happily married with two gorgeous step-daughters.

Together what is your current project?

We are the Inventors and School Visitors for School Kit!

What was the driving force behind your invention?

At School Kit we’re a little sick and tired of people always running down teachers. We’re passionate believers that teachers are awesome. We believe you are a multi-skilled, multi-tasking set of professionals who change lives, work their guts out and do an increasingly complex job of creating magic out of thin air every….single…day.

We also know that the educational profession is a fast moving, ever changing landscape that is constantly having to respond to political, funding and social change (and that’s before you even get in the classroom).

So, we’ve created School Kit as a place to go for your regular update of educational sanity. A place where beautiful, relevant resources and cutting edge ideas have been collated for you to peruse (probably circa 10.30pm on a Wednesday evening which is probably the only time you actually have left to yourself these days).

As well as providing stunning, stimulating, content that you can pick up and use in your classroom we also wanted to celebrate the role of the teacher. Because it seems that our country has forgotten to show their appreciation for this group of modern day superheroes – whose skill set must now cover not just teacher but parent, social worker, child development specialist, business manager, healthy eating supervisor and life coach.

What are the goals of School Kit?

After 5 glorious years, we are still passionate about the fact that teachers are AWESOME and because we know that our work is never complete, our wish is to visit every classroom in every New Zealand School. We want to visit as many teachers and their classrooms as possible to celebrate the achievements of both teachers and students.

How does School Kit set out to make a difference?

Our difference is in providing insanely cool, and free ideas for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Our difference is in providing insanely cool, and free ideas for teachers to use in their… Click To Tweet

If you would like Kylie and Emma to visit your classroom or school, or if you would like to contact them, their details are:

Twitter @schoolkitnz
Website: www.schoolkit.co.nz
Email hello@schoolkit.co.nz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/schoolkit/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Schoolkit/

Interested in events, workshops, seminars and courses that are being currently offered? You can find them here at monkey101.nz

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