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iKon TrackerHave you ever rushed out of your house without your phone? Have you ever panicked after finding out it isn’t where it usually is?

The iKON tracker is a Low Bluetooth enabled device, with up to 70m (230ft) range of connectivity. The user receives a notification in the case that their iKON Tracking device separates from the iKON Tracker App.  Simply attach the iKON tracking device to the item you want to keep track of and link to your android or iOS device via the iKON mobile app.  

You are also able to see the last known location of your lost item via a geo-fencing map. To find your item you can call your iKON device through the app, iKON responds to your call through sound and light. You will easily spot the device even in the dark through the incorporated LED. Just tap the “Call Device” button.

Adedayo Charis from Nigeria, Lagos is the creator of the iKON tracker and he spoke to us about this amazing product.

The idea for iKON Tracker stems from something we’ve all been through – the frustration of losing things. Things like our phones, keys, wallets, and even our pets can go missing, and turn out to be almost impossible to find. What if there was a device that could help us pinpoint the stuff we’ve lost? Think of all the time we’d save! Thus, iKON Tracker was born. 

On a broader scale, the iKON Tracker hopes to address not only personal items, but also aid in supporting people’s peace of mind.  The iKON Tracker can be utilised for those with disabilities or Special Needs for example Alzhemiers or Autism.

In New Zealand with hilly terrain the iKON Tracker would be ideal.  The good news is that the device is sync with the phone via Bluetooth technology and it doesn’t require internet data or wifi, so it will work perfectly in any terrain or remote area.

If someone gets lost in the bush, you can track the person by tracking the device and the good news is that iKON work to prevents loss, as the alarm will trigger if the person wanders past a safety zone.

Travel Backpack on Summer Sea Beach. Retro styled.

In this sense, iKON Tracker hopes to provide a preventive solution to all possible losses – to protect and find anything people value most.

An iKON pro tip: The iKON Tracker also assists with selfies! Use the button on your iKON tracking tag as a remote control to take better selfies, and enjoy good times knowing your items are totally secure.

This project has been garnering great attention from both media and potential technology adopters, as it is currently performing beyond our expectation, we have received $8,700USD pre-orders out of $10,000 (our original monetize goal) with over 30 days left go to with the Indiegogo campaign.

iKON is also currently forming partnerships that we believe will result in iKON being a household name, long term goals include taking iKON to the rest of the global community. While ensuring the continuation of increasing product functionality and further product releases.

At iKON Tracker, our goal is to bring assurance and safety to people’s personal belongings. We want people to take back control and not have to worry where their ever-growing number of personal items are.

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