Ghana’s future in Technology could start with Code4Kids

Code4Kids - working at the computersCode4Kids is an African training program which is designed for kids between the ages of 9-15 years in programming, using fun simulations and games like Code Combat and Scratch.  

It is a pilot program run by TechBit Consult in Ghana.  One of the directors is Clement Safori Fianko and he is a young African entrepreneur. He is from Ghana in West Africa and currently resides in the capital Accra.  

He spoke with us about Code4Kids, his background, TechBit Consult and about being a Technopreneur. He is a self-confessed gadget freak and when he’s able too he likes to write reviews on technology.  He also interested in how technology can be used to improve our lives.

What is the purpose of Code4Kids?

The idea is not so much to get them to learn programming language syntax, but to expose them to the logic and concepts of programming.  We believe that by using programming, children will be inspired to be problem solving thinkers.

We are also passionate about getting the younger generation interested in computer programming.

Our Code4Kids programs, due to lack of sponsorship is not currently making the impact that we hope to achieve.   We are working towards a few more workshops this year and would greatly appreciate any ideas, comments and support that people might have.

Aside from the Code4Kids project, what else are you currently involved in?

Clement - CEOI’m the CEO of TechBit Consult, an IT consulting and solutions firm which I started with two College friends, Ralph Sakyi and Lawrence Otoo. Ralph is a great Developer/XUI Designer and Lawrence is a sterling creative artiste.  

I also write for a number of blogs and publications – one of which is a called ‘Techpreneur Magazine’. Techpreneur is an outlet that is geared towards shining a spotlight on some of the most exciting tech start-ups and professionals in Africa and their entrepreneurial journey. The first issue will be released next month in a digital form.

Where did TechBit Consult begin?

Well I dreamt about this ever since my first year of college, but the journey began when I graduated.  Like most countries, college graduates are required to do a year of service to the state and I ended up teaching ICT in a junior high school.

After my national service, I applied to dozens of IT jobs, but had no solid leads. In a country where unemployment rates are high, I decided I wasn’t going to be another statistic.

I started out as a freelance IT consultant and landed some pretty attractive contracts in the first few months. I hired a few colleagues back from school, who were unemployed at the time to come in and to help out on some of the projects.  Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as we had hoped.

From there, I researched further on starting a consulting business and with funding from family, I hosted a website and had the company registered. The next challenge was to find skilled personnel to work with and to find clients who were willing to pay for our services. I spoke with two of my college buddies, Ralph and Lawrence and they were more than happy to join.

As the name suggests, TechBit Consult is a consultancy firm that is interested in the technology side of businesses. Our mission is to provide effective and affordable IT consultancy and solutions to individuals and/or businesses to enhance their productivity.

We help start-ups and small to medium enterprises leverage technology to grow their businesses and brands. Our services include: custom built enterprise software development, web design/development, Graphics, Social media marketing and IT management & support.

With a team of professionals equipped with the required skills and tenacity in the areas of our services, we provide tailored solutions to suit all kinds of individual and business technology needs.

What are your goals?

We hope to bridge the technology gap between local business in Ghana or West Africa and the world.

How can we take advantage of simple technology trends, products and services to forklift our businesses to the height where they can compete globally? We want to see online businesses in Accra rub shoulders with those in the US. It will surely take time but it is not farfetched.

What inspires and motivates you to continue with the project?

Knowing that technology is never going to die out but constantly advancing is our ultimate motivation. We just need to be up to speed with the latest tech trends and know how to use them to our advantage.  

Today there are apps for everything and some of them are very productive. Africa has also got amazing developers and innovators who are doing immensely well to bring out innovations that solve some of our dire problems in healthcare and finance. It is my dream to institutionalize the largest incubator in Africa where such innovators and developers are given the incentives to come up with problem solving technologies.

Who best can solve the problems of Africa than Africans ourselves?

To connect with Clement and the team at TechBit Consult about Code4Kids or any of their other projects:




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