Evernote: A more powerful way to simplify your digital organisation

From a podcast by Keith Keller and Tracey Gayner: Managing your information (Evernote)

You have a great idea that you need to write down or maybe it’s a phone number or an address – where do you store it?  Where can you just offload everything out of your brain and store it all in a place safe?

The answer is Evernote – from that great idea, to a phone number and even that novel that you’ve been meaning to write.  Evernote is where you can collect it all into one space.

Around four or five years ago, Tracey was finding that keeping track of every single scrap of paper that had been scribbled on or all the books where things were noted down was a major mission.  With the discovery of Evernote, all that changed.

Imagine Evernote being similar to a digital filing cabinet or the electronic equivalent of your brain. You can create notes that have attachments – audio, pictures, video and it doesn’t matter how small or how big they are.  Bonus is, is that Evernote works in a very similar way to twitter.  You can find your ideas easily with the hashtag that you assigned to the note.  So you can catalogue notes into notebooks (or folders), assign a hashtag and be assured that all of your information won’t ever be lost again.

In total there are four different Evernote versions. There’s the Basic (freemium model), which is the easiest way to get started. There’s the Plus version and the Premium versions, where you can store more because it allows for larger and bigger file sized items such as audio, photos and notes. The business model is perfect for teams or organisations.

Tracey’s disclaimer:

Earlier this year Evernote opened up their community and they have had training for people who would like to become Evernote community leaders or Evernote business consultants. She applied and was chosen to complete the training and tasks and is now an Evernote Community leader.

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Evernote = (my digital brain) organised/sorted for my work: teaching, writing, managing people’s gadgets, Tech & Social Media. Would you like to achieve the same thing with your digital organising? Feel free to comment below or contact Tracey: Facebook Ask Gadget GirlTwitter: @askgadgetgirl or by email tracey@askgadgetgirl.info

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