Do you wanna be a Kiwi All Star?

Do you wanna be a Kiwi All Star?

 What’s that you might ask?

Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars combines kiwi kids’ love of rugby with key areas of learning.

Together the New Zealand Rugby Union and Skoolbo teamed up to bring us this great new FREE app and program.

Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars app has amazing learning games.  They are packed with spelling (from levels 1 – 8), maths, literacy and Te Reo & Samoan content areas.  It provides short bursts of focused learning within a fun game environment. Now you can track your child’s progress as they move from “Little Ripper” to Super Black!

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can find on Ruggerland:
Spelling Legends: Essential Spelling Levels 1-8
Maori Mega Heroes: 32 Te Reo content areas
Samoan Superstars: 32 Samoan content areas
Kiwi All Stars: Maths, Literacy and General Knowledge quiz questions
Rugger Slimers: All Blacks and world rugby questions

 Not sure if you have the right device for the program?  Not too worry, the program is available to download for the Mac, PC, Apple devices and Android.

 Keep up with the leaderboard to see which province is out in front and then get behind your favourite team, as every point counts on the leaderboard!

 Now that’s some serious motivation to ensure that [insert your rival team here] doesn’t end up victorious.

Thanks New Zealand Rugby Union & Skoolbo for supporting our children’s learning!

For more information or to download this wonderful Kiwi FREE program and app >>

Thanks to Katrina – Schools Implementation Manager & the team at Skoolbo for sending additional information for this blog and for giving permission to use their logos & graphics.  You guys and your app = AWESOME!

If you have a comment about this wonderful app – please comment below or if you would like to connect, we are here at: or Twitter: @askgadgetgirl.

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