Do you know what your children access online? Boomerang Parental Control App

When it comes to the Internet, nothing is as scary as wondering what a child is accessing or doing online.

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Being a parent in the tech age is no mean feat.  There’s emails to tackle, texts to organise and social media, like Facebook to try and keep up with.  If that wasn’t enough, there’s the looming responsibility of your child’s devices.  What are they accessing?  Are they being safe?  Who are they talking to online or texting?

These were also some of the concerns that Justin, COO and co-founder of Boomerang Parental Control had.  As a father himself, he understood exactly the problems and issues parents have when giving their children access to the internet.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Justin’s company – National Education Technologies, (NETi for short) wanted to support parents by enabling them to help manage the digital lives of their children.  Their mobile app called Boomerang gives parents access to parental controls and safe browsing on their child’s device.  The app is comprised of 2 mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Justin explains further.

Boomerang is an interesting name for your app.

Yes, the name Boomerang is obviously a very common one but fits so well with what we are doing. The analogy I use is, once you install our app you can let your child go with their mobile device but important notifications will always come back to you as the parent, just like a boomerang.

Boomerang is available for Android and Apple iOS devices with a very easy setup. On Android devices, we provide flexible screen time features including smartphone features like call and text logging. Families can have mixed devices – we support this scenario. Parents can control their child’s Android or iOS devices from their own Android or iOS device.  


Does the app have the in-built browser as well?

SPIN Safe Browser is prompted for install when you install Boomerang. This keeps kids safe while browsing online, performing searches via, and! All of the history and blocked sites are then logged by Boomerang. SPIN can also be used separately as a standalone, free safe browser! We just crossed 100,000 downloads.


How did Boomerang begin?

I was an intrapreneur for many years at a company that built and sold enterprise software.  My  role when I left was  as a Sales Team leader.  I was always interested in mobile technology and so I co-founded National Education Technologies with my partner, Vik Khanna, in 2014. We started by reselling solutions into the Canadian K12 market that were not well represented, but were selling well outside of Canada. The longer term goal was to put our own technology into the market.

When we were introduced to another local entrepreneur, who had built a parental control solution, we stopped all reselling and focused on building our own IP.

What is NETi’s vision?

Our team is passionate about kids, technology and education. We view technology as something that needs to be used but can easily be abused in the way it’s designed. We want to empower kids to use technology and educate parents and kids of the good, bad and ugly that exists in the cyberworld.

As a father, I’m living proof that parents need to understand technology. Our children use tech at home, at school, at their friends’ house, etc. We are the first generation of parents that is leading the next generation that has known mobile technology since birth! We have a lot of learn!

Secondly, I feel there’s a huge opportunity to help a generation of kids grow up with technology, use it as part of their DNA but not in a driver of their lives. So many kids are missing out on living as they are sitting in front of a glowing screen and thirdly, too many parents are not aware of of the addictive nature of technology. We need to strike balance with technology, just like when TV became the lead device in our lives, there were the same arguments about going outside and playing with our kids! Now we have mobile, but mobile devices still have us sitting down and not moving much!

Our main goal is to make such apps easy to use, simple setup for parents and enables them to protect their child’s mobile devices.

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