Crème de la crème in image compression – Tiny JPG/PNG

Are you tired of long loading times for your webpage?

Are you sick of wasting your data waiting for a picture to download?

Then the TinyPNG website is just the site for you.
waveTinyPNG is an image compressing service that reduces the file size of an image so that it is the same quality, but you can download the image quicker.  The service can compress the size of the image by as much as 40-60%.  The site is for JPG and PNG image compression.

Simon Wahlström, who works for Voormedia; the company which runs TinyPNG spoke to us about the company, TinyPNG, projects and their latest development.  Although their main “base” is currently in Amsterdam, last year they also opened a new office in Sweden. They are on the look-out for more awesome people to join their team for the Swedish office.

Can you explain a little about TinyPNG’s journey so far?

Sure, Voormedia was born in 2002 and we have had ongoing projects for many years. TinyPNG was born in June 2012 and TinyJPG was created in November 2014.  Voormedia as a company is all about finding unique and interesting people. This does make the work space very vibrant and fun to be in. Work hard, play hard.

I started at Voormedia in February 2015. My first task was to investigate if we could identify certain characteristics of JPEG images to see how much compression should be applied. I have since then worked at Voormedia as a developer / consultant.

One of our designers had a really cool idea for a parallax slider. The parallax slider is still visible on  The design featured several stacked pngs moving sideways independently. All was fine until we created the retina (size x 2) version. The png images where huge and would eat away too much bandwidth. We created a way to compress these pngs and it turned out so well that TinyPNG was born.

Although it’s currently called TinyPNG / TinyJPG ( (We will be using the name “Tinify” sometime in the future. It will be a more unified name for their service.)

TinyPNG, was created to make a better web for everyone. It’s a passion project to us all and we really enjoy working on it.  The purpose of TinyPNG is to automatically find the perfect balance between compression quality and file size without the user having to worry about this.   

What are some of the projects that you are currently working on?

magentoI’m working on several projects at the moment. TinyPNG can be used through the website, API, Photoshop plugin, WordPress plugin and Magento plugin.

We are continuously improving TinyPNG with improvements that we come up with ourselves or that our users request. We are very proud for coming so far.

Right now we are focusing a lot on improving the WordPress plugin, both functionality and visually. For example, we have made a big overhaul of the bulk compression settings. We want users to see exactly what is going on and how much their images have been optimised. I myself have been working on something we call One Click Key Generation for the WordPress plugin. The goal is to make it much easier to get started. All the user needs to do is click a button and they will be ready to optimise their images.

How do your projects set out to make a difference?

We like to have a close relationship with our users and spend a lot of time listening to what they have to say. If our users are unhappy then we are unhappy. When our users are satisfied we are satisfied.

Ultimately our goal is to be the best compression service of all time, Crème de la crème.

Ultimately our goal is to be the best compression service of all time, Crème de la crème. Click To Tweet

If you would like to find out more about the projects or the opportunity to become one of the team in Sweden, contact Voormedia, details below:




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