Hacking educational sanity – School Kit

Now Kylie Power & Emma Bettle aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill, cheerleaders for education and teachers. They saw that teachers needed a place where beautiful, relevant resources (not too mention) cutting edge ideas have been bundled together to help hack educational sanity by a marvellous invention called School Kit! This kind of power doesn’t go unnoticed and so we gingerly tossed them a couple of questions and stepped back out of the way to let these two loose on today’s blogpost. […]

Ghana’s future in Technology could start with Code4Kids

Code4Kids is an African training program which is designed for kids between the ages of 9-15 years in programming, using fun simulations and games like Code Combat and Scratch.   It is a pilot program run by TechBit Consult in Ghana.  One of the directors is Clement Safori Fianko and he is a young African entrepreneur. He is from Ghana in West Africa and currently resides in the capital Accra.   He spoke with us about Code4Kids, his background, TechBit […]

New Zealand Music Month of May: iPad Orchestra

The idea of an iPad orchestra is not something that most people think that an iPad can do. For most, the iPad is only seen as the source of games. @thecgiteamnz were asked by the Pukekohe Library to join them in celebrating the New Zealand Music Month of May.    In 2001, the New Zealand Music Month was celebrated for the first time.  Back then it was to raise the profile of Kiwi artists on the airwaves.  Since then, it’s […]