Twitter is a Global Village – Twitter Tips for Tourism

Twitter is a Global Village – Twitter Tips for Tourism. From an interview with Keith Keller and Tracey Gayner Today we’re talking about Twitter being the global village. Now, this is a very, very important concept. Twitter is awesome, it’s really awesome. 310 million people worldwide. Twitter is the global village and I’m going to talk about the top ten countries using Twitter, where they are, the numbers, and whether or not that cross references with the people coming to […]

Laying the Foundations for Twitter Success #TwitterTips4Tourism

From the Podcast with Keith Keller & Tracey Gayner The 3 Key Steps You Need To Know Before You Begin 1. Your Website (The is “Home Base”)  2. Your Blog (A Place To Tell Your Story) 3. Your Free “Teaser” (Builds Trust & Momentum) There’s no point in tweeting and getting lots of followers if you’ve got nothing to say and nothing to send people too. Let’s take a look at the importance of a website. Here are a few […]

Are you a woman who loves to travel? @Travelher_org

Are you a woman who loves to travel? is a website for women who love to travel or are in the pursuit of travel. Meghan Advent is one of the co-founders of  With a successful website and growing blog, she stopped by this week to share some of their goals, dreams and adventures with us… So tell us why you began and what inspired you? Myself (a Canadian who lives in New Zealand) and two other women, […]