The Ergonomics Guy Spotlight: Gymba Footrest

The Ergonomics Guy Spotlight: Gymba Footrest This is an active footrest allowing you to keep active while standing. Hi, I am Steve Meagher PT, CEAS I am a Physical therapist and founder of Site Solutions Inc. My mission is to take the mystery out of ergonomics and help you maximize employee productivity and safety. Get started now by watching the video to learn more about what I do and how I can help you or your organization. Interested […]

How to stop your iPad screen from moving around

Picture this – you are watching your Netflix and you reach over for your drink and tilt the device… it then recognises that you’ve moved and tries it’s best to help (infuriate) you by adjusting from an upright view to a side view. Then as you right yourself again it rotates and by the time you’ve noticed you’re furiously trying to adjust the display turning it too quickly from one view to the other. How do you get it just […]

Giving you assurance and safety – iKON Tracker

Have you ever rushed out of your house without your phone? Have you ever panicked after finding out it isn’t where it usually is? The iKON tracker is a Low Bluetooth enabled device, with up to 70m (230ft) range of connectivity. The user receives a notification in the case that their iKON Tracking device separates from the iKON Tracker App.  Simply attach the iKON tracking device to the item you want to keep track of and link to your android […]