Music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times

Bronwyn Halley is a contemporary country singer/songwriter from Dunedin, New Zealand. She believes that music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times. How did you start your musical career? I started learning music when i was 4. I learnt theory and I learnt the recorder for a couple of years. From there I moved on to the trumpet for a year, then flute for 3 years, before I eventually wanted to start singing at about […]

Introducing the Vinci Smart Hearable

Are you a lover of music? Then Vinci Hearable is a name that you’ll want to remember. It is the first music player with a built in artificial intelligence feature that will recommend personalized songs based on the body data and environmental status of the user. From the wearer, it collects information such as heart rate, current location, moving speed, and much more, analyses the data, and responds with various suitable and relevant music. Cathy Cao is the Overseas Business […]

Do you wanna be a Kiwi All Star?

Do you wanna be a Kiwi All Star?  What’s that you might ask? Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars combines kiwi kids’ love of rugby with key areas of learning. Together the New Zealand Rugby Union and Skoolbo teamed up to bring us this great new FREE app and program. Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars app has amazing learning games.  They are packed with spelling (from levels 1 – 8), maths, literacy and Te Reo & Samoan content areas.  It provides short bursts of […]