#TwitterReo and #KoTahiKupu – one Maori word per day

Here at Simon Says this week, we have with us Peter Ruka, who is a very talented, young Maori man. He chats to us about his Te Reo Maori language journey, Fredrick Institute, Matariki (Maori New Year) and how it’s all lead to his upcoming #TwitterReo campaign. So Peter, you’re currently based in Auckland,  Would you like to give us a little bit of background about who you are and where you come from? So my Dad’s whanau/family are from […]

Do you wanna be a Kiwi All Star?

Do you wanna be a Kiwi All Star?  What’s that you might ask? Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars combines kiwi kids’ love of rugby with key areas of learning. Together the New Zealand Rugby Union and Skoolbo teamed up to bring us this great new FREE app and program. Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars app has amazing learning games.  They are packed with spelling (from levels 1 – 8), maths, literacy and Te Reo & Samoan content areas.  It provides short bursts of […]

“Sometimes it seems like my brain hops over words” – Tech for Dyslexia

“Sometimes it seems like my brain hops over words” For every 1 in 10 people, this is how they can describe what it feels like to have Dyslexia. What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a condition that is passed through families.  It is neurological which means that the Dsylexic brain processes written and spoken information differently. Nessy Learning – how can it help? The Nessy Reading and Spelling program combines innovation, learning and fun to provide a supportive, individualised, multi sensory […]