Let’s Speak French

After being asked many times to teach people how to speak her native language, Lise (Lees) created ‘Let’s Speak French’. It is a Brisbane, Australian based language school with digital capacity to teach online. Originally from Montreal, Canada, (The French part of Montreal, Quebec province of Canada.), Lise now calls Brisbane, Australia her home.   What began as a love of sharing her passion for the language in local cafe settings has now turned into a business venture. We had a […]

Evernote: A more powerful way to simplify your digital organisation

From a podcast by Keith Keller and Tracey Gayner: Managing your information (Evernote) You have a great idea that you need to write down or maybe it’s a phone number or an address – where do you store it?  Where can you just offload everything out of your brain and store it all in a place safe? The answer is Evernote – from that great idea, to a phone number and even that novel that you’ve been meaning to write. […]

Think of it as a crossword puzzle combined with dominoes – Connections Card Game

Are you looking for hours of connecting fun? Then you’ll need a love of words, creative play and Connections Card Game – think of it as a crossword puzzle combined with dominoes.  Knowledge Probe Inc is a Canadian based company, which is family owned. The Connections Card Game was designed and self-published by Knowledge Probe Inc. We were grateful to have an interview with Connections Cards creator – Mark Kolb. Thanks Mark for allowing us to ask you some questions […]