Non-cook Raspberry Slice @hiccupfinefood

Hiccup Fine Food is the food and drink delight Twitter handle of Rachel Roberts.   Rachel is based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Her passion is encouraging food lovers to try new tastes and eat with the season. She’s into fine food, getting people back into kitchen to experiment and meeting new people.   She currently has 2 cooking courses in Auckland.  One is based in Howick and the other is based in South Auckland.  Here is one of her latest creations […]

Life’s too short to drink warm ones – Beverage Technology

Life’s too short to drink warm ones You’re at a party, you’re sipping away and the one thing that you’ve noticed is that the once cool beverage that you’re holding onto is becoming warmer and warmer… until… you realise that you just have to down it – rather then waste it!   Life’s too short to drink warm ones and so with two beer lovers, who also just happen to love Science –  what better pairing could there be to […]