Evernote: A more powerful way to simplify your digital organisation

From a podcast by Keith Keller and Tracey Gayner: Managing your information (Evernote) You have a great idea that you need to write down or maybe it’s a phone number or an address – where do you store it?  Where can you just offload everything out of your brain and store it all in a place safe? The answer is Evernote – from that great idea, to a phone number and even that novel that you’ve been meaning to write. […]

11 Steps to take a Goal from Idea to Results

11 Steps to take a Goal from Idea to Results by Ute Lambrecht Throughout my career, managing multi-million dollar projects and teams distributed over multiple cities and even continents, I have never used the phrase ‘taking massive action’. Somehow this phrase has infiltrated the entrepreneurial world as the way to get things done. … and yes, if you don’t have a strategy, then ‘powering through’ becomes your only option!   What does it look like when you take a goal […]

Are you a woman who loves to travel? @Travelher_org

Are you a woman who loves to travel? Travelher.org is a website for women who love to travel or are in the pursuit of travel. Meghan Advent is one of the co-founders of Travelher.org.  With a successful website and growing blog, she stopped by this week to share some of their goals, dreams and adventures with us… So tell us why you began Travelher.org and what inspired you? Myself (a Canadian who lives in New Zealand) and two other women, […]