Are you a woman who loves to travel? @Travelher_org

Are you a woman who loves to travel? is a website for women who love to travel or are in the pursuit of travel. Meghan Advent is one of the co-founders of  With a successful website and growing blog, she stopped by this week to share some of their goals, dreams and adventures with us… So tell us why you began and what inspired you? Myself (a Canadian who lives in New Zealand) and two other women, […]

Think of it as a crossword puzzle combined with dominoes – Connections Card Game

Are you looking for hours of connecting fun? Then you’ll need a love of words, creative play and Connections Card Game – think of it as a crossword puzzle combined with dominoes.  Knowledge Probe Inc is a Canadian based company, which is family owned. The Connections Card Game was designed and self-published by Knowledge Probe Inc. We were grateful to have an interview with Connections Cards creator – Mark Kolb. Thanks Mark for allowing us to ask you some questions […]

Introducing the Vinci Smart Hearable

Are you a lover of music? Then Vinci Hearable is a name that you’ll want to remember. It is the first music player with a built in artificial intelligence feature that will recommend personalized songs based on the body data and environmental status of the user. From the wearer, it collects information such as heart rate, current location, moving speed, and much more, analyses the data, and responds with various suitable and relevant music. Cathy Cao is the Overseas Business […]