Music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times

Bronwyn Halley is a contemporary country singer/songwriter from Dunedin, New Zealand. She believes that music can really speak to people and help them get through tough times. How did you start your musical career? I started learning music when i was 4. I learnt theory and I learnt the recorder for a couple of years. From there I moved on to the trumpet for a year, then flute for 3 years, before I eventually wanted to start singing at about […]

Ghana’s future in Technology could start with Code4Kids

Code4Kids is an African training program which is designed for kids between the ages of 9-15 years in programming, using fun simulations and games like Code Combat and Scratch.   It is a pilot program run by TechBit Consult in Ghana.  One of the directors is Clement Safori Fianko and he is a young African entrepreneur. He is from Ghana in West Africa and currently resides in the capital Accra.   He spoke with us about Code4Kids, his background, TechBit […]

Who doesn’t want to be a Hero?

Who doesn’t want to be a Hero? William Burgos and Juan Ramos are the main producers & developers behind the team of Aether Tower Studios.  They define themselves as citizen folks from Mexico City; one of the biggest cities in the world (about 20 million people).  They have just begun their Kickstarter campaign and we had a great time catching up with them about ‘Hero’. What is your current project? We are boardgame designers, currently trying to get our first […]