How did a rural dairy farming community get to be a film buff’s dream? Arohanui Film Festival

In the Waikato region of New Zealand, in Te Aroha (Tear A-raw-ha) a rural dairy farming community, there lies a film buff’s dream event called the ‘Arohanui Film Festival’. The Arohanui Film Festival showcases new, entertaining, original, and adventurous films from around the world on the big screen. It will be held at ‘Future Te Aroha’, a former bra factory that has been converted to a multi purpose, non-profit facility for community and cultural use. It’s where film enthusiasts gather […]

Capturing the essence of New Zealand/Aotearoa – LazingBee Photography

Every document, website, social media post you create needs to have that something special that will capture your readers attention.  That visual appeal is created by the graphics or photographs that you use.  But where do you find these?   While there are plenty of Royalty-Free Stock Photos, the one thing that you may be having a hard time to find is New Zealand photographs.  Not just any photographs, but ones where it captures the essence of New Zealand/Aotearoa. Bridget […]

Flight; the action or process of flying through the air.

Flight; the action or process of flying through the air. Flight is a collection of pieces that explore ideas of the sky, weather, and how these external forces influence our environment and internal realities. These external forces inspired the artist Ngaio Rue Blackwood to create explorations in watercolour, embroidery, and drawings for her solo exhibition opening at the Franklin Art Centre, Pukekohe on the 9th of July.  This exhibition is an accumulation of her past six months of work and […]