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Every document, website, social media post you create needs to have that something special that will capture your readers attention.  That visual appeal is created by the graphics or photographs that you use.  But where do you find these?  

While there are plenty of Royalty-Free Stock Photos, the one thing that you may be having a hard time to find is New Zealand photographs.  Not just any photographs, but ones where it captures the essence of New Zealand/Aotearoa.

Bridget Lazenby-Gould (LazingBee Photography) is a New Zealand based photographer selling Royalty-Free Stock Photos. From iconic Kiwiana and Maoritanga, to Aotearoa’s diverse flora, scenery and National Parks… and everything in-between.

Kia ora Bridget, can you tell us a little about your life and your journey so far?


Kia ora, well I grew up a Kiwi, my parents immigrated to New Zealand in the 70’s from England when I was a newborn baby. Living in Dunedin, the South Island/ Te Waipounamu was our playground.

Our holidays were spent in the tent exploring the many beautiful regions of New Zealand; every National Park or anywhere there was a good river to fish. My Dad was a keen fisherman. At the age of 10 my parents made the huge decision to move back to the UK to be near aging family, it was not as easy to be in touch or travel as it is today.

Moving back to the Lake District in the UK, I spent the next 8 years in a small village called Bowness-on-Windermere, nestled beside Lake Windermere surrounded by the Fells and Mountains of the Lake District. My family seem to be drawn to beautiful places.

After a year in Art College doing Foundation Studies in Fine Art. I put my degree on hold to travel the world. And this became my passion for the next few years, exploring foreign lands and cultures. I loved it.

I couldn’t travel forever, unfortunately, eventually you need a solid base, somewhere to call home, to ground you. I returned to the Lake District and spent the next 6 years managing a Contemporary Art Gallery in the heart of the Lake District. Art is another passion of mine.

When I met my husband and it was time to start a family, I wanted my children to have the lifestyle that I had as a child. My husband luckily agreed.

I now live in Takaka, in the stunningly beautiful Golden Bay, a remote corner of the South Island of Aotearoa. My mountains are the Kahurangi and the Abel Tasman National Parks. My land is the lush green fields of dairy farms and the dense manuka clad hills. It really is the land of Milk and Honey. And my sea is the stunningly beautiful turquoise waters of the Abel Tasman National Park leading west to the wild and rugged West Coast. My tribe is my family. My husband, after being in New Zealand 11 years is about to embark on his New Zealand citizenship. And my tamariki; two wild and free beautiful and boisterous boys, are Kiwi through and through.

How did you begin your career in photography?

I began my career as a Stock Photographer after having my first child. Being at home and a keen hobbyist photographer I applied, they sold and the rest is history.

I remember being told when I was young ‘if you want to be successful in life, do something you love’. And it is true because what I do does not seem like work, it is something I just do and love. I live my life with my tamariki in one hand and my camera in the other, both which I love, and which fulfill my life.

Shooting Stock Photos, I am passionate about New Zealand/ Aotearoa. My work aims to capture it’s essence. I see beauty everywhere I look. I strive to capture and convey the beauty I see around me…. The perfect natural light of native flora, the iconic New Zealand scenery, the simplistic childhood, relaxed lifestyle and the culture.

CVf7VBfUwAIoBT7I specialize in things that are essentially Kiwi; the vibrant Pohutakawa that speaks ‘Summer’ for every Kiwi, Jandals on the beach, the iconic Ti Kouka or Cabbage tree in a New Zealand landscape and the Harakeke or New Zealand Flax, be it in a landscape or woven in a background or into a putiputi. It’s the little things that speaks volumes about what country we live in. No matter where we travel in the world, when we see these things we think of home.

My vision is to capture our place we call home; what life looks like living in Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Our people, our society, and our environment; things that are important to us as Kiwis.

My work is available through iStockphoto by Getty Images. As a company, it is the perfect combination; I deal with shooting images that resonate with me, iStock provide the platform dealing with the sales and the financial side. As a company there is also guidance. I recently attended a Photo Hui in Auckland organized by Getty Images with workshops on global trends, what is current, the change in what customers are needing and buying.

Gone are the days of traditional advertising, roles that are no longer current, the working masculine man, the homemaker  or unrealistic women.  These days masculine man is just as likely to be involved with the kids and the woman leading in business. Traditional girl roles are just as likely to be playing football as playing with dolls. Our advertising needs to show this to empower the next generation.

Where do you think your work will lead too?

I have so many ideas and currently so little time. My youngest child is making the transition to kindergarten soon freeing me up for some big projects. My goal for the next year is moving to more authentic Kiwis and Kiwi Lifestyle. I am pretty excited but won’t give too much away just yet.

You will have to keep an eye out and see.

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