Are you building your email list? Here are 4 reasons why you should be.

Are you building your email list? Here are 4 reasons why you should be.

Building your email list is absolutely essential when it comes to being successful in online business. Think about it. If you don’t have a brick and mortar shop, how do you sell your products and services. Sure, you can post on social media and maybe your potential clients will click back to your website to check out what you do but what happens if they click away before buying?

Everyone has a short attention span these days. A notification from Snapchat or Trade Me saying they’ve won an auction and they’re gone. How can you reach them again?

Optimise your website for conversion

When you place email opt-in forms on your website (with an enticing free offer to give them in exchange for their email) you can be assured you’ll make the most of your website traffic. Yes, pop up forms are annoying, everyone says they hate them but the thing is…they work! It’s important to optimise every available space on your website to encourage people to sign up for your email list. And have different free offers that people can’t resist signing up for.

Your emails get seen

Blogging and posting on social media can potentially reach your entire audience at once. With email, you connect with them one-to-one. People are busy. They don’t always have time to visit your website or look you up on social, yet they always check their email. Even if they don’t read every one of your emails, they have a higher chance of seeing it in their inbox than your latest Facebook post has of making it in their news feed.

Get personal with your tribe

Your blog posts are probably of a general nature and speak to the masses, whereas you can get more personal with your emails. You can get to know your readers better. If you’re in their inbox every week, you will start to build trust with them. And when you build trust, they know that you always provide great value and they will gladly buy your products and services (and rave about them to their friends).

You own your email list

Social media changes all the time. Facebook or Twitter can decide to shut down your page tomorrow. You own your website and you own your email list. If your website is down, you can send your list an email to let them know. Most social media platforms use an algorithm to determine who sees your updates. Which means fewer and fewer of your followers are seeing what you put out into the world. With most platforms moving to the pay-to-play framework, it’s even more important to build your email list. 

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Guest blogger: Jilanne Holder

Profile Pic-1Jilanne Holder loves all things social media and email marketing. She is the founder of Jilanne Holder Social Media and helps entrepreneurs grow their business and build their online presence using social media. She lives in New Zealand in ‘Hobbiton’ with her husband and 2-year old son.

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