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Are you a woman who loves to travel? is a website for women who love to travel or are in the pursuit of travel.

Meghan Advent is one of the co-founders of  With a successful website and growing blog, she stopped by this week to share some of their goals, dreams and adventures with us…

So tell us why you began and what inspired you?

Myself (a Canadian who lives in New Zealand) and two other women, Jessica O’Connor from New Zealand and Natalie Gruner from Germany created because of our obsession with travel.  We had a desire to make it easy for like-minded women to find and support each other in their pursuit of travel.

How do you think travel experiences enrich us?

Our travel experiences greatly influenced who we are as people and we know that it has done the same for so many others. But, just like most things – if you don’t keep it up, you can soon forget how important it is to you and how beneficial it can be in your life.

That’s why we want to keep it on people’s minds.

We have struggled to really put into words what exactly it is that makes it so special but recently we came to the conclusion it is actually magical so we have embraced the hashtag #travelhermagic on our social media accounts to represent how every special travel experience makes us feel.

It truly is magical and all the stories that you can bring back, can you tell us about your stories section?

What has really brought this magical feeling into focus is the travelher stories section on our website – it is a collection of personal travel stories from women all over the world.

The stories range in length and can cover anything from one special travel moment, to a few years abroad and everything in between. What they all have in common is they bring back strong and powerful memories for the writer. It’s not often that people are asked to sit down and really reflect about a specific time in their lives and more often than not, they really enjoy the process and are so happy they were asked to write about something that was so dear to them but locked away in what can feel like another lifetime.

And for the readers, it is special insight about a certain place and paints a vivid picture of what it is like to put yourself out there to experience something totally new and foreign to you.

Do you think that people might sometimes limit themselves with reasons to not travel?

IMG_9505As students turn into adults, there is a great deal of pressure to either “get a real job”, pay off loans in some cases, perhaps get married or some other responsibility seems to call to them and give a reason not to travel. We are here to shout from the rooftops the benefits of choosing to explore new possibilities above the safety of going with the flow.

Likewise, as people grow older, there can be a tendency to gravitate towards comfort and security and drift away from that sense of adventure and desire for the unknown. But it is that very feeling that keeps people youthful, open to vulnerability, and drives a hunger for life.

What are some of the benefits in travelling?

We believe that seeing the world has a way of opening your mind and spreading positive benefits not just for women but for all of society. Imagine the way in which mutual understanding could be improved if everyone were to spend some time abroad in a country that seems completely opposite to what they’ve grown up knowing?

It’s easy to be afraid of what you don’t know, but it is much harder to fear people you have spent time with and have grown to understand – even if it doesn’t fit with your views of the way things are or should be.  

Where to next for the website and for

We have big plans for the site moving forward and what it could be, but our current goal is to build up a community of women who love to travel and want to share in the celebration and encouragement of travel addiction. We want women of all ages and all walks of life to be able to come to our site and have questions answered, help them achieve their travel goals, and keep the magic of travel alive forever and ever.

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