How to get to amazing New Zealand digital collections

What is Digital NZ?

DNZDigitalNZ is an initiative that seeks to help people find, share, and use New Zealand digital content. It was launched by the National Library of New Zealand in 2008

Who is Digital NZ?

We are a small team passionate about connecting New Zealanders to useful and interesting information.

You can find out more about who we are here:

What inspires your team?

We love working with organisations all over the country, and internationally, to help New Zealanders discover amazing images, video, texts and research about themselves, their communities, and their heritage.  

The core of our work is the website, where people can search across the collections of nearly 200 libraries, museums, broadcasters, community groups, and many other organisations from New Zealand and across the world.

That’s A LOT of resources and it’s all New Zealand content?

Yes it is. New Zealand has rich and ever-growing digital content and sometimes this can be tricky to find with traditional search services.

At you can discover digital collections from throughout New Zealand, all brought together in one easy site.

You can find digital maps, newspapers, images, archives, videos, and much more—in fact, you have access to over 30 million digital items via DigitalNZ’s website!

What’s something fun to do online at DigitalNZ?

Well, a fun tool you can use at DigitalNZ are ‘sets’.

You can set up an account and then build galleries of images and information that are useful, interesting, or just plain fun.

For example:

Here is a set about smiling scientists:, and here’s a set on the Loveridge family: Signing up and making a set on DigitalNZ is easy.

You can find a handy video guide here:

The other important part of DigitalNZ is our data service. After bringing together these many digital collections, we also make this data available via an open data service, so that people can build new and useful online applications. Check out the sites that are powered by DigitalNZ’s data service in this showcase here:

DNZ homepageWhat were the next steps in your project?

At DigitalNZ we’re always working with new content partners and expanding the collections that you’re able to access via New partners are coming on board all the time, and adding to the collections which DigitalNZ points to. We’re also always encouraging people to use DigitalNZ’s data service and look forward to seeing what people and organisations do in the future with the free, public data DigitalNZ makes available.

We’re currently working on an exciting refresh of the website, and also looking at ways we can make ‘sets’ more beautiful and intuitive. When we upgrade sets, there’ll be some fun new features: you’ll be able to drag and drop images, add more text, and even upload your own items.

We’re excited about the possibilities of the future, and thinking of new ways we can make New Zealand’s digital content easier to find, share, and use.

For amazing New Zealand content or to see more of what DigitalNZ has to offer on their website:

Interested in events, workshops, seminars and courses that are being currently offered? You can find them here at

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