11 Steps to take a Goal from Idea to Results

11 Steps to take a Goal from Idea to Results by Ute Lambrecht

Throughout my career, managing multi-million dollar projects and teams distributed over multiple cities and even continents, I have never used the phrase ‘taking massive action’.
Somehow this phrase has infiltrated the entrepreneurial world as the way to get things done.
… and yes, if you don’t have a strategy, then ‘powering through’ becomes your only option!
What does it look like when you take a goal and apply a methodology that helps you achieve the results you are aiming for?
The journey of 11 steps to take a goal from an idea to it’s realized outcome will look something like this:
1. Determine whether your goal is one worth pursuing by checking it against your current business focus and strategy.
2. Redefine your goal by adding measures so you know when it has been accomplished.
3. Check your goal against filters such as resources, budget, time and skills to confirm it’s viability.
4. Identify strategies on how you will achieve your goal.
5. Brainstorm all the work involved as well as any pre-requisites.
6. Create logical work packages to minimize time, effort and costs.
7. Prioritize the work packages to ensure you focus on the most important tasks first.
8. Produce a Roadmap to help you track progress and keep the vision alive.
9. Apply a system that helps you consistently deliver small wins and keeps you motivated.
10. Add checkpoints to confirm whether your chosen strategies are working and course-correct if necessary.
11. Celebrate your results – a very important step!
This process may look overwhelming but when you follow it step-by-step it will help you achieve consistent results over and over again.
About Ute Lambrecht

Ute2016_07BUte (pronounced Ootay) Lambrecht is the CEO and Founder of the Mastermind Hub™, an online portal where entrepreneurs from all over the world connect to support each other in realizing their dreams.
Ute helps set up Masterminds for groups of 3-4 people so authentic and meaningful conversations lead to solutions, ideas and new perspectives that propel each individual into new horizons of freedom and empowerment.
Ute is also the creator of Your most Productive Season™, a three month productivity program that helps entrepreneurs set up their unique productivity cycle to deliver on their goals and achieve the financial independence they desire.  Your Most Productive Season shows you how to apply a system that helps you take focused, deliberate and prioritized action; an altogether different option on how to accomplish results!
After studying architecture, Ute first started a fashion design studio before she focused her career on managing technical systems implementations in large organizations. She holds a BSc degree in Computer Science. As an entrepreneur she enjoys combining all her skills in birthing new ideas into reality.
Ute considers herself a global citizen and has set up her business to be location independent – she is a German national, born in South Africa, and currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand.  This article appears here by kind permission from the author.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/utelambrecht
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ute1lambrecht
LinkedIn: https://nz.linkedin.com/in/utelambrecht
Pinterest: https://nz.pinterest.com/utelambrecht/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/UteLambrecht%20
Website: http://utelambrecht.com/
Email: ute@utelambrecht.com
Image attribution: Ute Lambrecht

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